WhatsApp to Roll Out New Feature for its Web Users


WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature. In addition, it will enable users to lock their conversations on WhatsApp Web. As a result, it will enhance the security and privacy of their chats. The Chat Lock feature is currently in development. Additionally, it will be available in a future update.

Enhanced Privacy and Security by WhatsApp

The introduction of a chat locking feature on WhatsApp Web will provide several advantages in terms of privacy and security. Users often engage in discussions that may contain personal information, confidential details, or sensitive topics that they prefer to keep protected from unauthorized access. As a result, users can add an extra layer of security by implementing chat locking. In addition, this will work particularly in situations where they are using WhatsApp Web near others and wish to maintain privacy for specific conversations.


Consistency Across Platforms

The addition of chat locking on WhatsApp Web aligns with the existing chat lock feature on WhatsApp for iOS and Android. As a result, it will provide users with a consistent and standardized security experience across multiple devices and platforms. This move further demonstrates WhatsApp’s commitment to delivering a secure messaging experience. In addition, it will reinforce user trust in terms of privacy and consistency.


Accessing the Locked Chats Feature on WhatsApp

The exact method for accessing the locked chats tab on WhatsApp Web is still uncertain. However, there is speculation that it may involve a secret code or some other form of authentication to enable users to hide and protect this tab from prying eyes.  

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WhatsApp will continue to provide updates on the progress of the chat lock feature on WhatsApp Web. In addition, the company will share additional information as it becomes available. This feature will undoubtedly provide users with an enhanced level of security and privacy when using WhatsApp on the web.

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