Microsoft Edge to Bring New Extension Feature for Android Browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge browser is reportedly working on bringing extension functionality to its Android browser. In addition, it could potentially give it an advantage over its main competitor, Google Chrome. Currently, Google Chrome holds the majority market share for Android browsers, with around 58% of the market. However, Microsoft Edge has a much smaller share.

Extension Feature in Microsoft Edge for Android

Lance Adams on X (formerly Twitter) has first discovered the extension feature in Microsoft Edge for Android. The feature is currently available in the Canary build of Microsoft Edge for Android, where users can find a toggle for extensions behind the browser’s flags. By configuring the settings, users will be able to download Chrome-based extensions to their browser, similar to the desktop version of the app.

Microsoft Edge

Extensions Already Available on Edge Extensions Beta Page

Some extensions, such as uBlock Origin, Global Speed, and Dark Reader, are already showing up on the Edge Extensions Beta page.

Potential Impact on Google Chrome

Google Chrome has not confirmed any plans to bring extensions to its mobile browser. However, the fact that both Chrome and Edge are on the same Chromium technology. As a result, it means that any progress made by Edge in bringing extensions to mobile devices could potentially pave the way for similar options on Google Chrome. It’s worth noting that another Chromium-based browser, Kiwi, already allows users to download extensions on mobile. However, it provides a similar interface to Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Current Status of the Extension Feature

The extension feature in Microsoft Edge for Android is still in its early stages. Additionally, the company has currently hidden the Edge version 123 behind a flag. The Edge beta version with extension support is likely to come to the beta channel in February. As a result, users can witness a stable release likely to follow by the end of March at the earliest.

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