WhatsApp to Bring New Pinned Events Feature


WhatsApp is introducing a new functionality called the pinned events section. In addition, it will allow users to view event information with a single tap. This feature is particularly useful for members who are part of a community. As a result, it will provide a quick reminder of upcoming events.

About the New Pinned Event Feature of WhatsApp

The pinned events section automatically pins upcoming events in a community group chat. However, at the moment, this option seems to be limited to a few users on the beta version of the Android app. The new section appears at the top of the community info screen. Thus, it will make it easily accessible to users.


How will it work?

Whenever a member of the community creates a new event, it will automatically get added to the pinned events section. In addition, this makes it more convenient for users to keep track of upcoming events without having to manually search in the group chats.


The current implementation of finding events in group chats requires users to open and search through the conversation. As a result, it can be time-consuming. With the new pinned events section, users can save time and quickly find the event they are looking for.

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Closing Note

The pinned events section for group community chats is currently available on WhatsApp beta for Android version If a user is already part of the beta program, make sure to update to the latest version to see if the feature is available on your account.

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