Spotify Unveils New Personalized AI Playlists


Spotify has recently introduced a new feature. In addition, it allows users to generate playlists based on written prompts, leveraging AI technology. This feature is currently in beta. Additionally, it is initially available to Android and iOS devices users in the U.K. and Australia. The company plans to iterate on this feature in the coming months.

Customizable Playlist Creation with AI


With the use of AI, Spotify’s playlist creation feature allows for a wider variety of custom playlists based on written prompts. Users can request playlists for specific scenarios or moods, such as “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse.” Additionally, prompts can reference various things like places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, or emojis. In order to generate a great playlist, Spotify uses prompts that include genres, moods, artists, and decades.

Personalization and Refinement of AI-Generated Playlists


Users have the option to revise and refine the end result using the AI after the app generates the playlist. They can issue commands such as “less upbeat” or “more pop” to customize the playlist further. Additionally, users can swipe left on any songs to remove them from the playlist. Spotify leverages its understanding of users’ tastes to customize the playlists created with this feature.

Technology and Accessing the Feature

Spotify is using large language models (LLMs) to understand the user’s intent and personalization technology to fulfill the prompt and create a personalized AI-generated playlist.


Users can find the feature in the “Your Library” tab in Spotify’s app by tapping on the plus button (+) at the top right of the screen. A pop-up menu appears, showing the AI Playlist as a new option alongside the existing “Playlist” and “Blend” options. If users can’t think of any prompts to try, Spotify offers prompt suggestions to help them get started.

Limitations and Future Plans

It’s important to note that the AI has guardrails around it to prevent it from responding to offensive prompts or those focused on current events or specific brands. Additionally, Spotify plans to continue iterating and ideating to improve its product offering and offer value to users. Additionally, the company has invested in AI technology to enhance its streaming services. In addition, it includes the launch of AI DJ and exploring other ways to leverage AI, such as summarizing podcasts and creating AI-generated audio ads.

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