Google Find My Device Network Now Available for Android Devices


Google has finally launched its Find My Device network for Android devices. This feature, first announced last year, has been in development until now. The global rollout of this new technology utilizes a crowdsourced network of Android users to locate smartphones and accessories that go missing. In addition, it operates similarly to the Find My app on the iPhone.

Offline Tracking Capability Feature of Google


The most notable capability of this network is its ability to locate devices even when they are offline. This means that a smartphone or accessory does not need an Internet connection to be trackable. In addition, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users can find their devices without turning on their phones. Thus, it will provide a useful feature in case of theft. The Find My Device network also includes a “Find nearby” button. In addition, it helps to pinpoint the exact location of the smartphone or accessory.

Integration with Bluetooth Tracker Tags


Google has stated that the capabilities of the Find My Device network will also allow Bluetooth tracker tags from Chipolo and Pebblebee to join the network and enable tracking of their location. Users can attach these tags to everyday items such as keys, wallets, or bags to secure them. This feature will be available starting in May. Additionally, it plans to add Bluetooth tags from eufy, Motorola, and Jio later this year.

Integration with Google Nest and Sharing with Family and Friends


Google Nest will also integrate the network. In addition, the Android feature will display a lost device’s proximity to Nest devices to offer a reference point. Moreover, users will have the ability to share an accessory with family and friends. As a result, everyone can keep an eye on its location. Using a Bluetooth tag, users can share items like a house key or TV remote with family members. Thus, it will allow all members to individually locate the item.

Privacy and Data Protection by Google


Google has emphasized a focus on privacy and data protection within the network. They have implemented multi-layered protection to keep personal information private. It includes end-to-end encryption of location data and an aggregated device location reporting feature. Additionally, it prevents unwanted tracking of a device. The app is compatible with devices running Android 9 or later.

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