Google to Roll Out New AI-Generated Reply for Gmail


Google is reportedly testing a new feature for the Gmail Android app. In addition, it will allow users to use AI-generated replies to respond to emails. The feature is currently available to select users. Additionally, it is likely to roll out soon to Google One AI subscribers globally.

Integration of Gemini AI Tools by Google


Google has already made Gemini Advanced powered AI tools available on its services like Google Drive and Docs through a Google One AI Premium subscription. The company is now targeting AI integration into the mobile application of its services. Additionally, it includes Gmail. Google One AI subscribers can get suggestions for writing an email. However, this functionality is currently available in the beta version.

Functionality and User Experience


Once Google enables the new feature, Gemini will be able to analyze the content of the email that the user has received and come up with suggestions. The AI-powered tool will provide users with three potential replies. In addition, it makes sense in the context of the received email. In certain scenarios, the AI-generated responses can be as long as full sentences or multiple sentences. The user can then tap on any one of the suggested replies. Additionally, it then moves automatically to the compose field. Users can edit the message or send it as it is.

Search Generative Experience (SGE) Exclusivity


In related news, Google is reportedly planning to make the Search Generative Experience (SGE), its generative AI-powered search tool, exclusive to the paid tier. 

The company is considering charging for generative AI features for Search, including the experimental AI-powered search service. Google’s traditional search service will remain free to use. In addition, Google will add the generative AI search experience to its One AI Premium subscription plan. However, the company will likely run ads in search results, irrespective of the subscription.

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