Apple to Unveil New Personal Home Robot


After years of focusing on self-driving electric cars, Apple is now turning its attention towards home robots. The company is potentially setting the stage for its next major innovation following the Vision Pro headset. According to a recent report, Apple’s hardware engineering division and AI and machine-learning group are collaborating on this new venture.

Mobile Robot and Table-Top Device of Apple


Sources familiar with the situation revealed that Apple’s engineers are exploring the concept of a mobile robot. In addition, it can autonomously follow users around the home. Additionally, they have developed a prototype for a table-top home device. Further, it utilizes robotics to move a display around.

Financial Pressures and New Revenue Streams of Apple


Apple experienced a 2% growth in sales, breaking a four-quarter streak of declining revenue. However, challenges persist, particularly with declining iPhone and iPad sales in key markets like China. Thus, this intensifies the pressure on the tech giant to diversify its revenue streams. As a result, this makes the introduction of home robots a potentially lucrative opportunity.

Competition and Unique Position of Apple


Despite the potential for Apple to introduce a home robot, it’s important to note that other companies, such as Amazon with its Astro robot, have already ventured into this space. The firms have made comparisons to Astro. However, the specifics of Apple’s robot design remain a mystery.

The Success of Vision Pro


On a positive note, Apple’s Vision Pro is a pioneering product in the virtual reality/augmented reality market. In addition, it has seen considerable success. Despite its high price tag of $3,500, it sold over 150,000 units on its opening weekend. As a result, it surpassed the initial sales of the iPhone in 2007 by generating approximately four times more revenue without adjusting for inflation.

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