Meta Unveil New Album Sharing Feature for Messenger


Meta recently announced several new features for Messenger. In addition, it aimed at enhancing the user experience and expanding the platform functionality.

Shared Albums and HD Photos Feature by Meta

Meta is rolling out the ability for Messenger users to create shared albums in chat. In addition, users can send photos in high-definition and share larger files up to 100MB in size. This includes the capability to create albums of photos and videos in group chats. As a result, this will allow users to organize and share their memories more effectively.


Creating Shared Albums

Users can now create albums of photos and videos in group chats. Thus, it will enable them to organize and share their memories more effectively. To create an album in a group chat, users need to select multiple photos from their chat composer and then tap “Create album.” Additionally, they can create an album by long-pressing a photo in a chat. Everyone in a chat can view, add, delete, and download pictures and videos in an album. Further, users can access the albums by tapping the “Media” button in a chat.


HD Photo-Sharing Capability by Meta

With the new HD photo-sharing capability, users can now send clearer and crisper photos in high definition. After selecting an image from the chat composer, users can toggle an “HD” option. In addition, they can tap on additional photos to send multiple in HD. This feature follows Meta’s rollout of support for HD photos on WhatsApp back, in September 2023.

File Sharing

Messenger is now allowing users to send Word, PDF, Excel, and zip files directly in chats. Thus, it will provide an alternative to email for sending large files. Users can do so by tapping the + button in a chat and selecting a file on their device.


QR Code Connectivity

Meta has added a new option for users to connect with others by scanning a QR code. As a result, it will eliminate the need to type out someone’s name or number to start chatting with them on the app.


Rollout and Availability by Meta

These new features are rolling out on mobile to all Messenger users. However, the shared albums feature will roll out over the coming weeks.

In addition to these new features, it’s worth noting that the launch of shared albums is likely to be a welcome addition for users. This is due to the fact that the capability isn’t available on Meta’s other messaging services, WhatsApp and Instagram DMs.


Encryption and Other Updates

It’s also important to mention that Meta has been considerably expanding Messenger’s encryption feature. The company is rolling it out to millions more people’s chats starting today. However, the end-to-end encryption (E2EE) standard will be available as standard to all users by the end of 2023.

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Furthermore, Meta has announced new parental control tools across Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, including a new parental supervision hub in Messenger. Additionally, the features that pre-emptively block unwanted DMs on Messenger and Instagram.

These updates demonstrate Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance the functionality, security, and user experience of its messaging platforms.

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