Aria Can Now Summarize Web Pages on Android


Opera’s in-browser AI product, Aria, now has the capability to summarize text-based web pages on Android. This AI-powered web page summarizing tool quickly condenses news articles, blog posts, or research papers into a short summary that typically fits on one screen. The new feature, announced recently, aims to help users quickly understand a topic and pinpoint the important details.

How to use the summarization feature of Aria?


To utilize this feature, users need to visit any text-based web page. In addition, then tap the three dots in the top right corner of the Opera Android browser. From there, they can select the “Summarize” option next to the Aria icon. This action will prompt a chat with Aria. Additionally, it will then provide the requested summary.

Accessing the Feature


To access this feature, users need to update to the latest version of Opera for Android. In addition, they need to log in to an Opera account or sign up for a new one.

Functionality and Recent Updates of Aria

Opera launched Aria last year. In addition, it functions like any other AI search companion. Additionally, it has a chatbot-like interface that answers questions as an alternative to searching the web for answers. 


Since then, Opera has continuously enhance Aria’s functionality through its AI Feature Drops Program. Additionally, it allows users to get early access to additional AI features. Most recently, Opera updated Aria with the ability to generate images using Imagen 2 by Google. Further, it has the capability to read text answers out loud.

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Closing Note

In summary, Opera’s Aria is an AI-powered web page summarizing tool. In addition, it aims to provide users with quick and concise summaries of text-based web pages on Android. As a result, it helps them understand topics more efficiently.

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