Meta Plans to Unveil New Set of Generative AI Tools


Meta is introducing an expanded set of generative AI tools for advertisers. Additionally, it is building on the initial announcement of AI features in October. These tools go beyond creating different backgrounds for product images. Further, it now includes the ability to request full image variations. Thus, it offers AI-inspired ideas for the overall photo, including updates to the photo’s subject or advertising product.

Expanded AI Tools by Meta

Advertisers can now request full image variations. As a result, it allows for AI-inspired ideas for the overall photo. It includes updates to the photo’s subject or the advertising product.


This includes the ability to modify existing ad creatives to present products from different angles, in different scenarios, and with different colors. Thus, they potentially create versions of products that don’t exist in real life.

Potential Misuse and Safeguards:

Advertisers may abuse the feature to deceive consumers into buying fake products. Meta acknowledges this possibility and mentions the use of “pre-guardrails” and “post-guardrails” to filter out inappropriate or low-quality content.


Rollout and Future Features of Meta

The feature has already begun to roll out. In addition, in the coming months, advertisers will be able to provide text prompts to tailor the image’s variations.

Advertisers will also be able to add text overlays on their AI-generated images with a selection of popular font typefaces. Image expansion, introduced in October 2023, will now be available to Reels in addition to the Feed across both Facebook and Instagram. Thus, it will leverage AI to help advertisers adjust their image assets to fit different aspect ratios.


Impact and Testimonials:

One advertiser, smartphone case maker Casetify, reported a 13% increase in return on ad spend after using Meta’s GenAI Background Generation feature.

Generative AI Features and Safeguards of Meta

Meta’s generative AI features for advertisers include the ability to create backgrounds, expand images, and generate multiple versions of ad text based on the original copy. 


These tools will assist brands and businesses in delivering advertising content. In addition, safeguards will accompany to prevent the generation of inappropriate ad content or low-quality images.

AI Expansion and Future Plans:

Meta is planning to offer advertisers more ways to generate ad copy. In addition, it will highlight product selling points or generate background images with tailored themes, such as outdoor images for an athleisure brand.


The company is also testing the ability for text variations to sound like the brand’s voice and tone, using previous campaigns as reference material. Next-generation LLM Meta Llama 3 will include text generation capabilities.

Global Availability and Subscription Service Expansion by Meta

All the generative AI features will become available globally to advertisers by the end of the year.

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