Threads Unveil a New Feature for Users


Thread users can now exercise more control over who can quote their posts. Thus, it is expanding on the existing reply limitation feature. This development aligns with similar functionalities that competitor services like X and Bluesky offers. Last month, Threads articulated its intentions to introduce quote controls. In addition, Adam Mosseri is overseeing Threads and Instagram for parent company Meta. Additionally, it recently announced the feature’s availability to all users.

Empowering Users for a Positive Experience


Mosseri expressed hope that this enhancement would foster a more positive environment on Threads. In addition, it will grant users greater agency over their interactions.

Availability and Functionality of Threads Feature


The ability to limit quotes may not be visible on the desktop web browser version of Threads. However, it is accessible on the Threads mobile app. There is a single dropdown menu for quotations and replies. Thus, it allows users to open the conversation to “Anyone.” In addition, the user can restrict it to “Profiles you follow” or “Mentioned only.” These controls are likely to reduce instances of “dunking,” where users quote others’ posts to ridicule them.

Reframing the Dunking Dynamic

Addressing concerns about the impact of sharing others’ content, the article highlights that the ability to capture and share posts while providing commentary remains unaffected. This adjustment simply lessens the likelihood of a cascade of ridicule propelling the original post to viral status.

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Threads Preserving Online Well-Being

In principle, this update enables original posters to navigate their online experience without being unduly exposed to disparaging remarks. As a result, it contributes to a more harmonious digital environment.

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