WhatsApp Unveils New Features for Communities


Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has announced the introduction of new features for Communities to enhance member participation and interaction. These features include the Events feature and the ability for members to reply in Announcement Groups.

Events Feature by WhatsApp


The Events feature allows any member of a group to create an event. In addition, it includes a virtual meet-up or a birthday party, and other participants can indicate whether they will be attending or not. Members can access the option to create an event by tapping the paper clip icon in the text field. Additionally, it provides options for polls and payments. Once the member creates an event, other members can respond to it. Further, everyone can see who will attend the event and who will not.

Replies in Announcement Groups


WhatsApp is introducing organized replies in Announcement Groups. As a result, it will allow all members to reply to messages sent by admins. This feature will enable admins to receive feedback from the community in a single space. Opening the replies reveals a bottom slide that shows all replies grouped and minimized to avoid clutter. Moreover, everyone has their reply notifications muted.

Use of Events and Replies in WhatsApp Communities


The Events feature and the ability to reply in Announcement Groups aim to make WhatsApp Communities more interactive and connected. These features intend to facilitate better organization of events. In addition, it will enable members to respond to important updates from admins, fostering a closer-knit community.


Expansion of Features

These features are currently exclusive to groups in Communities. However, WhatsApp has stated that it will be rolling out the Events feature to all groups over the coming months. As a result, it indicates a broader integration of these interactive elements across the platform.

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These new features are part of Meta’s efforts to enhance the functionality and engagement within WhatsApp Communities. Thus, it will provide members with more ways to participate and connect with each other.

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