X Will Soon Launch its New Video to Spaces Feature


Elon Musk has expressed his desire to expand the user base of X, the platform known for its Spaces feature, a live audio conversation tool. 

About the New Feature of X

Currently, Spaces only supports audio. However, Musk has revealed plans to introduce video functionality. During a session hosted by Mario Nawfal, the entrepreneur stated that he intends to roll out the video by the end of 2023 or, at the latest, early next year.


Features of the Video Space

Musk highlighted the importance of video in enhancing communication within Spaces. In addition, he emphasized that being able to see people’s body language while they speak adds valuable information to conversations. Musk envisions a simple feature that allows users to toggle video on or off. As a result, it will give them the option to convey more through facial expressions and body language if they choose.


Closing Note

Since its introduction in 2021, Spaces has faced challenges in directly competing with other live-streaming platforms, such as Facebook’s version. The absence of video capabilities has limited its appeal. However, with the upcoming addition of video, X, and Spaces will offer a more comprehensive and engaging experience for users. Thus, it will enable them to connect and communicate in a more dynamic way.

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