Firefox Browser Adds 450+ New Extensions


Mozilla, the maker of Firefox, has announced the release of over 450 new extensions for its Firefox Browser Add-ons page. 

About the New Extension of Firefox

In August of this year, Mozilla completed the necessary infrastructure to reintroduce an open extension ecosystem to Firefox for Android. Following extensive testing, the company has now made over 450 extensions available to users of Firefox for Android.


Mozilla emphasizes the importance of an open ecosystem. In addition, it highlights that nearly half of all Firefox desktop users have installed extensions to enhance their browsing experience.

How will these extensions work?

These extensions offer users the ability to customize their mobile browsing experience. In addition, they can add features such as anti-tracking privacy tools, content blockers, productivity tools, and more. Additionally, users can enhance their experience with features like streaming music or personalizing the browser’s user interface. Further, it includes enabling dark mode or improving tab management.


The lack of extensions has been a longstanding issue for Firefox on Android. Mozilla made the decision to limit supported extensions to those within the “Recommended Extensions” program. This is after launching a rebuilt mobile browser version using the new “GeckoView” browser engine in 2020. While this expedited the browser’s release, it limited the development of extensions and missed opportunities for software developers.


Closing Note

Despite having a small market share compared to default browsers like Chrome and Safari, Firefox for Android has a dedicated following, particularly among those seeking alternatives to the dominant tech giants. The browser’s automatic tracker-blocking feature appeals to privacy-conscious users. According to data from the Google Play Store, Firefox for Android has surpassed 100 million installs to date.

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