Apple May Bring Back iPhone 12 Design in its New Flagship


Apple has taken the tech world by storm with the release of its highly anticipated iPhone 15 series. The popularity of iPhones is undeniable. In addition, the fans are already buzzing with excitement about the company’s next flagship device, the iPhone 16. Leaks and rumors have started to circulate on the internet.

About the Apple iPhone 16

Apple engineers have been hard at work prototyping various designs for the iPhone 16 series, codenamed “DeLorean.” One of the notable changes is the camera design. The iPhone 16 will still feature a vertical camera arrangement. However, Apple is exploring the possibility of a new camera bump design. One option is a sleek, pill-shaped enclosure similar to the iPhone X. However, another option is to adopt the camera lens layout from the iPhone 12.


Interestingly, the leaked prototype images suggest that Apple is not planning to alter the position of the camera flash. As a result, it indicates that the company is content with its current position. In addition, the report mentions that the company may use the iPhone 12-like camera layout on Apple’s prototype units compared to the iPhone X prototype.

Upcoming Features in iPhone 16


In addition to the camera changes, Apple is also tweaking the volume button design for the iPhone 16. Initially, the company had intended to introduce a unified volume button on the iPhone 15 Pro model.


However, the company has discarded the feature due to unresolved technical challenges at the time. The newer prototypes of the iPhone 16 reveal that Apple is experimenting with the size of the Action Button. Some designs showcase a significantly larger button. However, others maintain the same size as the one found on the iPhone 15 Pro.

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Closing Note

Apple’s commitment to innovation and design excellence is evident in these early leaks. While these are still rumors, they provide an exciting glimpse into the future of Apple’s flagship device. iPhone enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting the official announcement. Additionally, they are curious to see how Apple will push the boundaries of smartphone technology once again.

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