WhatsApp to Develop New In-App Voice Call Feature


WhatsApp is in the process of developing a new feature. In addition, it will allow users to make voice calls through an in-app dialer. However, the company has not released this feature to users on the Google Play beta program.

Unclear Capabilities of the Dialer Feature

The specific capabilities of the dialer remain uncertain. However, there is speculation that it will enable users to call numbers that are not in their contacts.


Discovery of the New Dialer Feature by WhatsApp

WABetainfo has made the discovery of this feature on WhatsApp beta for Android, version It is not currently available to beta testers. However, there are indications that the company may introduce it in upcoming updates. As a result, this feature will potentially transform WhatsApp into a more versatile calling service.

Potential Uses and Implications

The reason behind the inclusion of the dialer is not yet clear. However, it aims to make it easier for users to reach numbers they remember. Additionally, they don’t have to search through their contacts.


Furthermore, this feature could potentially allow users to make calls without adding the contact to their phone. Thus, it serves as an extension of the idea introduced by WhatsApp last year to chat with users without saving their contact details.

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WhatsApp: Eliminating the Need to Save Contacts

This new feature has the potential to streamline the user experience on WhatsApp. Additionally, it eliminates the need to save contacts for one-off calls. As a result, it caters to situations where users need to make temporary calls. Further, it includes arranging meetings, confirming delivery times, or setting appointments.

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