WhatsApp to Introduce New Favourite Contact Filter for Web Users


WhatsApp is currently working on an exciting new feature. In addition, it will enable users to designate their favorite contacts. This enhancement aims to streamline the process of making calls. Thus, it will allow users to quickly connect with their selected contacts directly from the calls tab. 

With just a single tap, users will be able to initiate a phone call, making communication more convenient than ever before. This feature is still in the development phase for the iOS app. However, WhatsApp is exploring the possibility of introducing a custom filter for favorite contacts.


About the Favourite Contact Filter by WhatsApp

In addition to the call functionality, WhatsApp is also planning to introduce another feature. In addition, it will enable users to filter their chat list to display only their favorite contacts. This feature will give users the ability to personally curate their list by manually adding the people they care about the most. By utilizing this dedicated filter, users will have quick and easy access to their most important conversations.


How will it work?

This new feature will be particularly beneficial for users who manage multiple conversations on the platform. By designating favorite contacts, users can prioritize their key conversations. As a result, it will ensure seamless and efficient communication with those they interact with the most. 


This streamlines the process of reaching out to frequently contacted users. However, it adds a layer of personalization. As a result, it will allow users to tailor their messaging experience to their preferences. This feature is a testament to WhatsApp’s commitment to enhancing user experience by providing more personalized communication options.

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The ability to choose favorite contacts is currently under development. In addition, it will be available in a future update of the web client. 

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