OpenAI to Unveil New ‘Memory’ Feature


OpenAI is testing a new “memory” feature on its AI-powered ChatGPT. This feature allows the chatbot to remember or forget instructions and details shared by the user. As a result, it will make conversations more personalized and eliminate the need to repeat information. 

How will the ChatGPT memory control feature of OpenAI work?

When using ChatGPT for conversation or assistance, users can ask the chatbot to remember specific details or provide instructions for future tasks. With this feature enabled, ChatGPT will pick up and remember these details over time. Thus, it will improve its responses accordingly.

For example, if a user asks ChatGPT to summarize texts in limited words and provide bullet points. As a result, it will offer a summary in the requested format every time the user asks for it in the future.


Conversely, users can also ask ChatGPT to forget a specific detail or instruction. OpenAI has introduced a new “Manage Memory” section in the Personalization menu in Settings. In addition, users can delete specific memories or disable the memory feature completely.

It is worth noting that ChatGPT can store memories from multiple conversations. Deleting a chat does not erase the memory that ChatGPT has collected. However, if a user wants to have a conversation without using memories, they can do so on a temporary chat, accessible through a drop-down menu at the top of the screen.


Memory on Custom GPTs 

OpenAI plans to roll out memory controls for custom GPTs in the coming weeks. GPT builders can enable memory on each individual GPT. Each GPT will have its own separate memory. Thus, users will need to repeat instructions previously provided to ChatGPT or another GPT.

Privacy Considerations of OpenAI

OpenAI has taken privacy and safety considerations into account with the memory feature. ChatGPT will not remember sensitive information, such as details about a user’s health unless explicitly instructed to do so by the user. The company has also provided the option to disable data collection within Data Controls.


Regarding memory with GPTs, the builder will not receive the data collected using memory on an individual chatbot. 

Closing Note

The new memory controls on ChatGPT allow users to ask the chatbot to remember specific details or forget certain instructions. This feature will make conversations more personalized and eliminate the need to repeat information. 

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OpenAI is also planning to introduce memory controls for custom GPTs in the future. Privacy and safety considerations have been taken into account, with sensitive information not being remembered unless explicitly instructed by the user. 

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