Apple to Unveil Several New Updates Soon!


Apple is generating buzz with rumors of an exciting update at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The much-anticipated iOS 18 for iPhone is likely to bring Apple’s foray into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) to new heights. As a result, it is particularly with a focus on generative AI. Additionally, it marks a departure from their traditional approach.

About the New Update of Apple

Siri will revamp the centerpiece of iOS 18, powered by Apple’s proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs). In addition, the company may possibly named AppleGPT. Competitors like Google and Samsung have already embraced AI in their smartphones. However, Apple has taken a more cautious approach. Thus, they are meticulously refining their AI technology behind the scenes.


The forthcoming Siri update will harness the power of generative AI. Igor Jablokov, CEO of AI Pryon and founder of Yap, shared with the publication, “They tend to hang back and wait until there is a confluence of technology. In addition, they can offer one of the finest representations of that technology.”

AI Ambitions: The Buzzing Word


Apple has been dropping hints about its AI ambitions with analyst Jeff Pu. In addition, the company suggests that generative AI will start making its way to iPhones and iPads by late 2024. In order to support this endeavor, Apple is reportedly building around 100 AI servers this year, with plans for more in 2024. Thus, it is signaling a shift towards cloud-based AI. Additionally, Apple will develop on-device AI technology known as ‘edge AI.’

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Closing Note

The company’s goal is to seamlessly integrate AI into various applications, potentially revolutionizing its ecosystem. Apple Music may introduce auto-generated playlists. However, the productivity of apps like Keynote and Pages could feature an automatic slide deck generation feature. Furthermore, Apple is reportedly exploring ways to incorporate generative AI into AppleCare, enhancing customer support services. The possibilities for AI-driven enhancements are vast. Apple will provide users with a cutting-edge AI experience.

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