WhatsApp Set to Introduce New User Experience Updates


WhatsApp is preparing to roll out several new updates to elevate the user experience. A QR code-based chat history transfer is one of the features that stands out.

Innovative Chat Transfer Capability in the WhatsApp Latest Beta Version


According to WABetaInfo, the latest beta version,, includes a chat transfer capability. In addition, it aimed at streamlining the process of moving chat data from one device to another. This new feature may eliminate the need for Google Drive in this data transfer process.

WhatsApp QR Code-Based Chat Data Transfer

The upcoming feature will utilize QR codes for direct chat data transfer between devices. When a user upgrades to a new phone, WhatsApp will generate a QR code on the old device. As a result, it will encapsulate all chat history and data.


Users can seamlessly initiate the chat transfer process by scanning this QR code with the new device. This development addresses a persistent inconvenience faced by Android users. They previously had to rely on Google Drive for backing up and restoring conversations during device switches.

Enhanced User-Friendly Transfer Process


The QR code-based transfer method will offer a more user-friendly experience. However, the previous transfer method includes a multi-step process involving Google Drive backups and restores.

Operational Details and Accessibility


The streamlined nature of the QR code transfer system is promising. However, some operational details remain unclear. For example, Meta has not yet confirmed that the user needs to log in both devices into WhatsApp during the transfer or if the QR code also facilitates sign-in on the new device. Additionally, data transfer duration varies with data volume.

Accessibility of the WhatsApp Beta Version

Currently, the WhatsApp beta version of this feature is accessible through the Google Play Store for users already enrolled in the beta program. However, the beta program is currently at full capacity. In addition, it means new users may have to wait until the feature is widely available. There is no official timeline for its public rollout. However, the presence of the feature in the beta stage indicates a potential near-future implementation.

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