WhatsApp Unveil New Update for Video Call


WhatsApp introduced new features to enhance the video calling experience across devices. These updates include screen sharing with audio support and a speaker spotlight feature. Additionally, the company has increased the limit for video call participants to accommodate up to 32 people.

Enhanced Screen Sharing by WhatsApp


Last year, WhatsApp added screen-sharing support for video calls. Now, the app has further improved this feature by allowing users to share audio alongside their screen. This enhancement enables users to watch videos with their contacts during WhatsApp calls.

Expanded Participant Limit


The latest update also increases the participant limit for video calls. Users can now have up to 32 people on a single video call across devices. Previously, there were limits of 32 participants on mobile devices, 16 on Windows, and 8 on macOS.

WhatsApp Comparison with Other Platforms


WhatsApp’s expanded video calling support aligns with Apple’s FaceTime. In addition, it permits up to 32 participants on video calls. In contrast, Google Meet and Zoom allow a larger number of participants, with up to 100 people in the basic tier.

Additional Updates and Improvements

Speaker Spotlight Feature: WhatsApp has introduced a speaker spotlight feature. Additionally, it automatically highlights the participant speaking during a video call. Thus, it will make them appear prominently on the screen.


Meta Low Bitrate (MLow) Codec: Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has introduced the MLow codec to enhance call reliability, especially in poor network connectivity or older devices. This proprietary codec will deliver higher audio quality with lower computational complexity compared to the previous Opus codec.

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Rollout of Updates

WhatsApp has announced that the latest calling-related updates, including the MLow codec, will be rolled out to eligible users over the next few weeks. This update aims to enhance the calling experience across Meta platforms, including Instagram and Messenger calls. These updates represent significant improvements to the video calling experience on WhatsApp. As a result, it will make it more versatile and reliable for users across various devices and network conditions.

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