Snapchat Introduces New AI Suite for AR Experiences


Snapchat, a social media platform owned by Snap, has unveiled a cutting-edge artificial intelligence suite as part of its new Lens Studio 5.0 release. This suite encompasses an on-device AI model intended to power users’ augmented reality (AR) experiences.

According to Snapchat, the platform is showcasing Snap’s real-time image model, capable of “instantly bringing imagination to life in AR.” Snapchat with AI is enabling users to input ideas for transformations. In addition, it generates vibrant AR experiences in real-time.

Enhanced Video Editing Capabilities with AI


Snapchat has announced that the new AI features will empower users to alter the backgrounds in their videos. The update aims to ensure that these alterations seamlessly. In addition, it aligns with the lighting and colors in the video. Thus, it provides a more immersive experience for users. The newly introduced on-device AI model will leverage the user’s text prompt to generate a customized lens.

Snapchat Empowering Creators with AI Tools

In addition to these advancements, Snapchat is rolling out a suite of AI tools to empower creators to enhance the AR experience. The latest update to Snapchat’s developer platform, Lens Studio. Additionally, it includes features such as new face effects and Immersive ML.


The new face effects feature enables creators to modify a user’s face based on written prompts or uploaded images. However, the Immersive ML transforms the user’s face, body, and surroundings in real-time. The update also introduces an AI assistant to aid developers in building 3D models.

Expanding Possibilities for Users


Previously, Snapchat users had limited capabilities for editing videos. However, with this new update, the special effects added to images may appear more realistic. In the near future, users can generate 3D assets using text or image prompts. For instance, a 3D character head will mimic the user’s expressions and create face masks and textures.

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Snapchat Availability and Future Developments

Access to the new AI model will be available in the coming months for users and later in the year for creators. Moreover, Snapchat recently introduced a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot. Thus, it allows subscribers to share AI-generated snaps with friends, further expanding the platform’s innovative capabilities.

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