Voice Note App: A New AI Assistant for Users

Voice Note

Voicenotes is the brainchild of Jijo Sunny, the founder of the creator-tipping platform Buymeacoffee, and his wife Aleesha. This innovative voice note app sets itself apart by incorporating an AI assistant. As a result, it offers a range of features, such as summaries and diverse formatting options.

Webapp Functionality

Unlike other platforms, Voicenotes’ web app does not require users to log in. In addition, they can simply hit record and start speaking. Additionally, the app will transcribe their voice notes.

Voice Note

Features and Functionalities of Voice Note

The app allows users to record voice notes up to one minute long for free. In addition, it has the option to unlock extended recording capabilities through a subscription. After recording, users can tag, edit, and generate titles for their notes using AI. They can utilize AI to transform their note into blog posts, tweets, to-do lists, or emails. The app also generates a summary of the note and lists its main points.

Innovative AI Features of Voice Note App

Voice Note

Voicenotes introduces an “Ask my AI” feature. As a result, it enables users to verbally search through their notes using the AI assistant. For instance, users can inquire about the brand of dishwashing liquid they added to their grocery list two months ago.

Platform Accessibility

The company has recently launched iOS and Android apps, giving it an advantage over competitors like Cleft Notes and AudioPen. Cleft Notes is available for Mac and iOS (still in beta). However, AudioPen, as a web app, lacks background recording on iOS.

Voice Note

Subscription Options of Voice Note App

Users can access Voicenotes for free or pay US$ 10 a month to unlock advanced AI models such as GPT-4 Turbo and Claude Opus and remove note length restrictions. For a limited time, a US$ 50 “believer” plan is available, offering lifetime access to the app.

Voice Note

Future Development

Jijo emphasized that Voicenotes’ differentiation lies in its “simple but elegant design,” use of cutting-edge AI models, and the “Ask My AI” feature. The app will expand its reach by becoming available on smartwatches. Additionally, it aims to serve as a real-time assistant across multiple platforms. Furthermore, the team is working on transforming voice notes into actionable to-do lists with reminders.

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