Bluesky Unveil a New Product Roadmap


Bluesky, the decentralized social network, has revealed its upcoming product roadmap. In addition, it features several innovative additions. Among them is the development of a direct messaging (DM) service. Additionally, the Bluesky app will initially use the AT Protocol to integrate the service. 

This initial version of the DM service will facilitate one-on-one chats. In addition, it will provide users with controls to limit who can DM them. Furthermore, Bluesky plans to later develop an on-protocol DM for enhanced functionality.

Enhanced Custom Feeds by Bluesky


In addition to the DM service, Bluesky is working on improving its custom feeds feature. Thus, it will allow users to curate their feeds according to their preferences. The platform aims to introduce in-app feed creation, better feed discovery, and a new trending feed view. Additionally, it includes the ability to submit posts to feeds, curate submissions, manually moderate them, and provide an improved arrangement of feeds on the home screen. These advancements will offer users a more personalized and engaging feed experience.

Anti-Harassment Tools and Video Support of Bluesky


Bluesky has also announced its focus on developing anti-harassment tools. However, the company has not disclosed any specific details about these tools. Moreover, the social network is looking to extend support for videos on the platform. As a result, it will cater to the increasing demand for multimedia content.

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Convenient “OAuth” Login Mechanism


In a bid to enhance user convenience, Bluesky plans to introduce an “OAuth” login mechanism. As a result, it will enable users to “log in with Bluesky” to various services related to the social network. This feature is likely to eliminate the need for separate passwords when logging into third-party apps. Thus, it will provide a seamless and efficient login experience.

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