OpenAI Introduces New Language Model


OpenAI released its latest GPT-4o language model at its Spring Update event. The Sam Altman-led company has said that GPT-4o is a step towards human-centric communication. The new model has multimodal capabilities. In addition, it can facilitate real-time conversations across audio, vision, and text.

Performance and Advancements by Open AI


GPT-4o will match the performance of GPT-4 Turbo in English language text, OpenAI’s last flagship model unveiled last year. However, it offers significant improvements in non-English languages. Moreover, GPT-4o has an advantage over its predecessor in understanding vision and audio inputs.

Top 5 Use Cases of GPT-4o by OpenAI

  • Interacting with AI: OpenAI President Greg Brockman showcased in a video on Monday how two GPT-4o AIs can have a conversation in real time. Brockman set two AIs side by side, providing one of them with vision permission. However, the other AI relied solely on its companion to understand everything about the surroundings in the room.
  • Customer Service Use Cases: OpenAI showcased how ChatGPT powered by GPT-4o can now handle various issues for users. In a video shared by OpenAI, ChatGPT engaged in a conversation with a (fake) Apple customer service agent regarding returning a defective iPhone.
  • Interview Preparation: Ever since the rollout of ChatGPT in late 2022, users have been using the chatbot to prepare for exams or interviews. Now, ChatGPT can even provide inputs about a user’s appearance. Additionally, it’s suitable for an interview.
  • Game Suggestions: ChatGPT can now suggest games for families to play in their spare time. However, it also acts as a referee. A video shared by OpenAI shows two people playing rock, paper, scissors. However, the AI chatbot decides who won or lost each round.

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  • Assisting People with Disabilities: OpenAI, via its partnership with BeMyEye, revealed that GPT-4o can help people with visual disabilities navigate through the world. The video showcases a person asking ChatGPT what it can see in front of them and even seeking help in catching a taxi.

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