Selfridges Unveils New Loyalty Program for Shoppers


Selfridges, a luxury store, has launched a new loyalty program. In addition, it gives customers first access to product launches, events, and services.

About the New Program of Selfridges

The program, dubbed “Selfridges Unlocked,” was inspired by the retailer’s early days, when founder Harry Gordon Selfridges gave keys to his first clients in 1909 so they could feel “at home.”


Similar to this idea, Unlocked ‘Keyholders’ will receive exclusive invites, and chances to win prizes. Additionally, they will get a platform to donate to charity whenever they shop.

How will this work?

Customers can use the ‘key’ to unlock deals at the retailer’s physical and digital touchpoints.


Customers can currently sign up to access Selfridges’ summer lineup. In addition, it features curated experiences in collaboration with Manchester International Festival, master classes in beauty, a swap shop, and a kid’s summer camp. Additionally, it has a team up with early access to new movie releases, a first look at Corner Shop residencies, supper clubs, and global exclusive product launches.

Closing Note

Customers who use their key to make a purchase are also automatically placed into a monthly drawing for a chance to win a full day of adventures at Selfridges.

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