Lectra Unveils a New Next-Generation Cutting Equipment


Lectra has introduced VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2. These two solutions are for next-generation cutting equipment. In addition, brands, retailers, and their supply chains can utilize this equipment. Lectra is a technology business with headquarters in Paris. In addition, it provides industrial intelligence to a large portion of the fashion sector, 

About the New Equipment by Lectra

These options help producers meet the rising need for small-scale manufacturing. In addition, it will boost cutting-room productivity, adaptability, and environmental sustainability. As a result of incorporating eco-design principles, the new equipment offers significant energy savings and a more negligible carbon impact.


How will it help manufacturers?

According to Lectra, VectorFashion iX2 and VectorFashion Q2 address the difficulty posed by fashion manufacturers in producing smaller numbers of designs. In addition, it will manage huge orders and materials. These cutting technologies make it easier to cut varying amounts of different materials. 


According to Lectra, producers must be flexible in order to control production costs. The new generation of cutting solutions optimizes operational expenses, performance, and environmental effects. Additionally, it gives clients the ability to increase margins and lessen their environmental impact.


Closing Note

The new technology prioritizes ergonomics, operator protection, and communication. It has cutting-edge features that are in line with Industry 4.0 concepts and use data intelligence. In addition, it improves productivity, process efficiency, and product quality.

The solutions enable manufacturers to lower costs, boost equipment availability, and promote autonomy through expanded digital content. They also provide extra services and predictive maintenance capabilities.

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