Ganni and Polybion Introduces New Bacterial Cellulose-Made Blazer


Together with Polybion, the Danish clothing company Ganni has developed a new bio-leather blazer made entirely of CeliumTM. It is a brand-new substance derived from bacterial cellulose.

About the blazer of Ganni

CeliumTM is the first of many products from the biotech company. In addition, it is a high-performing alternative for animal and artificial leather. Additionally, it developes in Polybion’s factory in Irapuato, Mexico, from fruit waste.


The company’s research division, Fabrics of the Future, leads the brand’s work with cutting-edge materials. In addition, it bridges the gap between textile inventors and fashion customers. Additionally, it was responsible for the most recent initiative with Ganni.

Specifications of the Blazer

The blazer made its debut at Ganni’s main shop in Copenhagen during the Global Fashion Summit. It has a marbled-yellow design and silver buttons. The piece’s tactile textures and weathered appearance powerfully mimic the feel of real leather.


Since each final piece of CeliumTM has a different design, it can be said to be a one-of-one textile. Its ability to color, Tann, and embosse. In addition to its resilience and lightweight feel combine to make it an attractive material to work with.

Closing Note

The partnership with Polybion shows a greater dedication to projects based on the circular economy since Ganni has completely stopped using virgin animal leather in its ready-to-wear line. In addition, it intends to do the same with shoes and accessories in 2023.

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