Meta AI Adds New Reimagine Feature for Users


Meta AI, the generative AI experience from Meta, introduced new capabilities. Users will now have the ability to create new AI images with prompts. In addition, Meta AI will also support Reels. The “reimagine” feature allows users in group chats to recreate AI images by adding text prompts. Thus, it will result in entirely new images based on the changes. This feature aims to increase engagement time with Meta’s apps as users experiment with the new AI capabilities.

The New Capabilities of Meta AI

In addition to the reimagine feature, Meta AI is launching Imagine with Meta AI. Additionally, it is an online AI image generator available as a free web tool. This tool enables users to create high-resolution AI images within seconds.


Meta AI is also becoming more helpful by providing more detailed responses on mobile devices and accurate summaries of search results. It can now respond to a wider variety of requests with helpful responses. Another new addition is the support for Reels in Meta AI chat. Further, it allows users to see visual examples related to their queries.


These new features are already available for users. In addition, Meta mentions that there are over 20 new generative AI experiences that they are testing across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These experiences cover various areas such as search, social discovery, ads, and business messaging.

How can users use this new feature?

To use Meta AI, users can start a new message and select “Create an AI chat” on Meta’s messaging platforms. Users can also interact with Meta’s AI characters, each with their distinct personalities. Users can also access Meta AI by typing “@MetaAI” in a group chat followed by the request for help or by saying “Hey Meta.” However, they need to wear Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.


Consumers primarily experience Meta AI through the chat interface. However, the AI technology powers other features as well. The large language model (LLM) technology behind Meta AI will provide AI-generated post-comment suggestions in English. In addition, it will include community chat topic suggestions in groups, search results, and enhanced product copy in Shops.

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Closing Note

Meta is also testing the use of Meta AI to help users create birthday greetings, edit Facebook Feed posts, draft introductions on Facebook Dating profiles, and set up new Facebook Groups. Further, Meta AI will help to create and share AI-generated images on Facebook. Moreover, it will include converting images from landscape to portrait orientation for use in Stories.


Meta AI will play a role in surfacing important conversations in Facebook Groups, suggesting topics for Group chats. Thus, it will help users learn more about Marketplace products. Additionally, it will improve search for finding friends, Pages, Groups, and Marketplace listings.

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