Balmain Introduces New AI-powered Project for Unicorn Sneakers


Balmain, the renowned luxury brand, has recently unveiled an exciting collaboration with Space Runners and American artist Ant Kai. The project aims to revolutionize the personalization of Balmain’s coveted Unicorn sneakers using the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

About the New Project of Balmain


By harnessing the potential of Generative AI, Balmain, and Space Runners seek to provide unparalleled freedom in customizing the Unicorn silhouette. In addition, Ant Kai, the talented artist, has been entrusted with infusing his unique artistic vision into these one-of-a-kind sneakers.



Available exclusively at Balmain’s new flagship store in Atlanta and on its e-commerce site. Additionally, these sneakers will captivate a new generation of customers. The partnership between Balmain, Space Runners, and Ant Kai aims to create a singular narrative. Further, it resonates with a broader audience, particularly among the younger demographic.

Features of the Balmain Sneakers

In addition to the sneakers, digital collectibles will mint on the blockchain platform Polygon. This innovative feature empowers users to create and design their own digital artwork. However, it embraces the platform’s environmentally friendly principles. The collaboration seeks to foster a new era of conscientious digital artistry.


This collaboration builds upon the already-established relationship between Balmain and Space Runners. In addition, it came to light during their joint venture to create a collection of digital wearables and physical apparel for a show at Paris Fashion Week.

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Closing Note

With the integration of AI in this partnership, Space Runners asserts that this collaboration serves as a blueprint for future high-end brands. Additionally, it aspires to achieve authenticity and originality in its offerings. Balmain’s partnership with Space Runners and Ant Kai represents a bold step towards pushing the boundaries of fashion and embracing cutting-edge technology.

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