Meta to Unveil New Fully Encrypting Messages Feature on Facebook and Instagram


Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, will soon implement full encryption for messages on both platforms by default, despite concerns raised by government officials and others regarding potential mis by criminals, particularly child predators.

About the New Feature of Meta

According to insiders familiar with the matter, Facebook will commence the automatic transition of its users to end-to-end encryption for their messages starting this week. In addition, the rollout will occur gradually over several weeks. Additionally, the encryption of direct messages on Instagram will follow suit, likely in the New Year.


Some groups, including law enforcement, have expressed apprehension. However, many privacy advocates have long advocated for tech companies to adopt end-to-end encryption. This encryption method ensures that communications remain private and inaccessible to external parties. This includes criminal hackers, spies, company security personnel, and law enforcement.

Why is there a need for encryption messages?

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive of Meta, has consistently championed the value of encryption. Meta already operates WhatsApp, the world’s largest encrypted messaging platform. However, implementing this technology across Facebook and Instagram posed both technical and philosophical challenges. Thus, it leads Meta to extend its timeline for implementing the changes.


We announced our plans to implement end-to-end encryption across all of our messaging services in 2019. However, we acknowledged that there are genuine safety concerns that they need to address,” stated Zuckerberg. He further acknowledged that this technology could potentially protect individuals engaged in illicit activities. Nevertheless, he emphasized that prioritizing users’ absolute privacy in their communications was the right thing to do.


Closing Note

Meta executives have been actively working to address encryption concerns in recent years. In a blog post in 2021, Antigone Davis, Meta’s global head of safety, emphasized their commitment to providing people with secure private messaging apps. However, it simultaneously protects them from abuse without compromising encryption.

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The move towards full encryption on Facebook and Instagram reflects Meta’s dedication to enhancing user privacy and security. The company has raised the concerns. However, they believe that striking a balance between privacy and safety is of paramount importance.

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