Instagram to Launch New Unskippable Ads Update Soon!


Instagram has confirmed that it is testing unskippable ads with a countdown timer. These new ad breaks will prevent users from browsing through more content on the app until they view the ad. The informational text displayed in the Instagram app indicates the implementation of this feature.

Similarity to YouTube’s Ad Model:


The change in Instagram’s ad format would make the social network more similar to the free version of YouTube. In addition, users need to view ads before and during watching videos. This shift aligns with Instagram’s evolution into more of a video-sharing network, with features like Stories and Reels, rather than just a platform for sharing still photos.

Statement from Meta Company Spokesperson:

A spokesperson from Meta, the parent company of Instagram, mentioned that they are always testing formats that can drive value for advertisers. The company also stated that they would provide updates if this test results in any changes to the product.

User Reactions and Circulation of Instagram Update:


Instagram user Dan Levy initially spotted the new “ad break” feature. He posted a screenshot of the test to his account. Other users, such as @howfxr and @Dexerto, have also recirculated Levy’s post. The majority of the reactions to this feature were negative. However, some users express dissatisfaction and even threaten to stop using the app.

Location and Control of Ad Breaks on Instagram:


Instagram is testing ad breaks in the Instagram app in some areas, but it isn’t clear if it is doing so globally. However, the screenshots show the ad breaks appearing in the app’s Feed while watching video posts. It’s also uncertain if Instagram creators will have any control over the appearance of these ads.

Meta’s Willingness to Experiment:

The test of this new feature demonstrates Meta’s willingness to experiment with the app’s core user experience in favor of increased ad revenues.


In summary, Instagram is currently testing unskippable ads with a countdown timer. In addition, it has sparked negative reactions from users. In terms of user engagement and ad experience, this test may impact the overall experience.

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