Google to Unveil New Auto Dark Mode Feature


Google, the tech giant, is experimenting with a novel feature in its Search Labs for the Google app on iOS. This feature, known as “Auto Dark Mode,” aims to enhance user experience. In addition, it will automatically convert websites to a dark mode. Thus, it will provide a consistent dark theme across all visited websites.

Auto Dark Mode in the Google App for iPhone


The Google app on iPhone functions similarly to a web browser with its tab system. Additionally, it now incorporates the “Auto Dark Mode” experiment. Activating this feature and setting the device to dark mode will adapt websites to the dark theme of the app. Thus, it will ensure a seamless browsing experience without abrupt transitions between dark and light modes. Users can easily enable this feature by tapping the beaker icon located in the upper-left corner of the Google app.

Customizability and Limitations


Users who prefer the original theme of specific websites can disable Auto Dark Mode for individual sites by clicking the new sun icon in the address bar. However, Google acknowledges that the quality of dark mode conversion may vary. In addition, the company clarifies that this feature does not apply to websites that already have a native dark mode.

Availability and Context of Google New Feature


Currently, Auto Dark Mode is exclusively accessible on the iOS version of the Google app. In addition, it has not rolled out Android devices. This feature is part of a broader range of experiments within Google Search Labs. Additionally, it includes innovations such as “Talk to a Live Representative,” “Notes on Search,” and various AI tools for browsing.

The company introduced these experiments during the I/O 2024 event. As a result, this demonstrates Google’s dedication to enriching user interaction and experience through state-of-the-art features.


Implications and User Access

Google introduction of Auto Dark Mode in its iOS app aims to establish a more seamless and visually comfortable browsing experience. This feature is currently in its experimental phase. However, it is only available to iOS users. Additionally, it aligns with Google’s overarching strategy of integrating user-friendly innovations into its search and browsing functionalities. Users interested in trying Auto Dark Mode can activate it via the Search Labs section of the Google app on their iPhones.

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