Instagram is Testing the New Trial Reels Feature


Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature called Trial Reels. In addition, it allows creators to test their reels without having them show up on their profiles. This feature will help users test their content without the pressure to perform. The Trial Reels feature was initially part of Instagram Experiment Mode. Additionally, in April 2024, reverse engineer Alessandro Puluzzi spotted this feature.

How does the trial reel feature of Instagram work?

The trial reel feature allows users to share the reel with non-followers. In addition, users can gain insight into metrics such as likes and comments. Additionally, they can then choose to either share the reel with their followers or archive it.


The new trial reels will not be visible on a user profile. In addition, followers won’t see it by default. However, they may still reach them if someone shares the reel with the follower. Furthermore, creators will only be able to archive the reel 24 hours after they make their choice.

Availability of New Feature


Meta, the parent company of Instagram, declined to confirm whether the new feature is coming to the Instagram app. Meta said we’re always exploring different ways for creators to express themselves on Instagram. However, we have nothing to share at the moment.

Instagram Notes Feature


In addition to the Trial Reels feature, Meta recently announced a significant boost to the Notes function on the Instagram app by adding support for likes, mentions, and prompts. The Notes feature gained popularity since its launch around 18 months back. In addition, with the new updates, Instagram is aiming to make the feature more interactive and a major part of the app’s user experience.

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The new Trial Reels feature on Instagram will provide creators with a low-pressure environment to test their content before deciding whether to share it with their followers or archive it. This feature, along with the enhancements to the Notes function, reflects Instagram’s ongoing efforts to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for its users.

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