Apple May Unveil New Improvements in iOS 18 Update


Apple to introduce substantial improvements to Siri’s contextual understanding in iOS 18. Siri will develop a deeper comprehension of entities such as individuals, organizations, events, locations, and dates. This upgrade aims to empower Siri to provide more accurate and insightful responses and summaries to user queries.

Innovative “Catch-Up” Feature for Notifications by Apple

One of the most anticipated features in iOS 18 is the “Greymatter Catch Up” functionality. In addition, this feature will keep users informed about their notifications even when they are away from their devices.


Integrated with Siri, this feature will offer users a comprehensive overview of recent notifications. As a result, this eliminates the need to sift through each notification individually. “Greymatter” is reportedly the internal codename Apple is using for these innovative AI capabilities.

Efficient Content Summarization and Text-to-Speech Advancements

In addition to the contextual understanding improvements, Siri is likely to gain the ability to summarize various forms of content, from messages to lengthy articles. This advancement will enable Siri to handle on-device queries more efficiently. Thus, it will provide concise summaries of extensive texts.


It will even transcribe audio recordings, enhancing the functionality of apps like Notes and Voice Memos. Furthermore, the upcoming update promises a boost in text-to-speech technology. As a result, it will provide Siri with more natural and human-like voices.

AI-Powered Photo Editing Upgrade by Apple

iOS 18 will bring an upgrade to AI-powered photo editing with a feature called “Clean Up.” Thus, it will allow users to remove unwanted objects from their photos using generative AI techniques. Apple’s research papers have previously hinted at text-based photo editing capabilities. Additionally, it will allow users to describe the changes they want to make.

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Transparent Technology Rollout

Apple might introduce these AI features in iOS 18 as a beta or preview. Thus, it will mark a rare instance of transparency in the tech industry’s approach to new technology rollouts.

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