Google Maps to Roll Out New Update for Android Users

Google Maps

Google Maps has rolled out an update for Android users. In addition, the company is introducing a feature that allows users to filter EV charging stations. Additionally, it is specifically for those compatible with the Plug and Charge service. 

About the New Feature of Google Maps

This feature aims to simplify the charging process for EV owners. Additionally, it is particularly for those with compatible electric models from manufacturers. Further, it includes Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Genesis, Porsche, and the Volkswagen Group. The code for Version 111.15.103 of Google Maps for Android reveals that this feature is available in the app.

Limitations and Room for Improvement

Google Maps

The EV filter feature in Google Maps is currently new. Additionally, it is not available for iOS users. Users can filter by connector types and fast charge options, including outlets above 50kW. However, the lack of support for ultra-rapid 350kW outlets shows there’s room for improvement.

Google Maps and EV Services

Google Maps

Google Maps has been relatively slow in incorporating EV-specific features compared to dedicated EV service apps like Zapmap and PlugShare. In addition, it provides real-time information on charging outlet status, customer reviews, and filtering options for outlet speed, payment types, and network providers.

Fragmented EV Charging Experience

Despite efforts to streamline the EV charging experience, it remains fragmented, with different outlets having different requirements, from RFID-based membership cards to bespoke apps for payment. The goal is to make the EV ownership experience as simple as filling up with fossil fuels, which is currently faster and more convenient.

Google Maps

These developments in social media and navigation technology reflect the ongoing efforts to enhance user experiences. In addition, it addresses the evolving needs of users in the digital age.

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