WhatsApp to Unveil New Feature for Android Beta App


In an ongoing effort to strengthen user privacy, WhatsApp has unveiled a groundbreaking feature in its beta version. In addition, the new feature aimed at safeguarding users’ profile pictures. This popular messaging platform has taken a step more than just disabling the option to save or download profile pictures. Additionally, it now prohibits users from taking screenshots within the app.

Safety and Protection: WhatsApp New Feature

The new mechanism is currently exclusive to the WhatsApp beta app for Android users. In addition, it presents a warning message when attempting to capture a screenshot of a profile picture. This proactive approach will discourage unauthorized users from capturing and potentially sharing profile pictures without consent.


This update offers an additional layer of protection. However, it’s important to note that no security measure is foolproof. The app restricts screenshot functionality. However, individuals can still find alternative methods, such as using another device to capture profile pictures.

How will it work?

Notably, WhatsApp currently does not notify users if someone tries to take a screenshot of their profile picture. The rollout of this feature to the stable version of the app, utilized by billions globally, may take some time.


In order to complement this enhanced privacy feature, WhatsApp users can further customize their settings in the Privacy Settings menu. Users can actively manage access to their personal information. In addition, they can reduce the risk of unauthorized sharing by controlling who can view their profile picture. 

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WhatsApp Enhances Channels Feature with Status Post Sharing

Earlier this month, WhatsApp introduced a significant update to its Channels feature. This latest development enables users to share channel posts through their status updates. In addition, it provides a new way to engage with content within the platform.


This expansion of capabilities follows the introduction of four additional channel-related features. The company has confirmed the recent Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp.

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