Instagram to Unveil New Friend Map Feature


Instagram is developing an opt-in “Friend Map” feature. In addition, it would allow users to see their friends’ locations in real-time. The feature is like Snapchat’s Snap Map. Additionally, it is currently an internal prototype. However, the company is not testing the feature externally. 

This feature’s potential launch would mark Instagram’s further emulation of popular features. Further, this will follow the cloning of the app’s core Stories functionality in 2016.

Similarities to Snapchat’s Snap Map and Apple’s “Find My” Feature


Instagram’s “Friend Map” feature would resemble Snapchat’s Snap Map if launched. Also, it allows users to share their real-time location with friends. Additionally, the new feature can be a competitor to Apple’s “Find My” feature. Further, it enables users to see the real-time location of their friends and family. This move by Instagram could encourage users to spend more time on its platform. Also, less on other companies’ services.

Customizable Privacy Settings and End-to-End Encryption 


According to screenshots posted on Threads by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram’s “Friend Map” would offer users the ability to choose who can see their location. The location data would be end-to-end encrypted. In addition, users could select to share their location with followers who follow them back, their “Close Friends” list, or no one at all. The feature would also include a “Ghost Mode” setting to hide the user’s last active location.

Additional Features and Potential Uses of Instagram New Feature


In addition to location sharing, the “Friend Map” would allow users to leave short messages. Also, they can add “Notes” on the map for others to see. Additionally, users can use these notes to notify friends about interesting places or events. It includes a fun pop-up shop or a new restaurant. This feature could enhance the social and interactive aspects of the platform. Thus, it will provide users with more ways to engage with their friends.

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Instagram Efforts to Enhance In-App Map Offering

Instagram is actively working to improve its in-app map offering. In late 2022, the company introduced a searchable map experience. Additionally, it allowed users to explore popular tagged locations around them. Further, they can filter location results by specific categories. It includes restaurants, cafes, and beauty salons. This effort reflects Instagram’s commitment. The company aims to provide users with enhanced location-based experiences within the app.

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