Gmail Updated a New Feature for iOS App


Gmail has reportedly introduced a new feature on its iOS app. In addition, it makes it easier for users to unsubscribe from bulk emails. The new feature includes a more prominent ‘unsubscribe’ button located just below the email subject line and above the content of the email.

Improved Unsubscribe Method in Gmail


The new unsubscribe button is an improvement over the previous method. Additionally, it requires users to tap the three-dot menu at the top of the message window. Further, they can select the unsubscribe option or navigate to the bottom of the email to find the sender’s unsubscribe button. The new approach is similar to Gmail’s web version, where the unsubscribe button is below the subject line and next to the sender’s details.

Availability on Android App

It is currently unclear whether the new unsubscribe button feature will be available on Gmail’s Android app. Google has previously introduced new features to iOS ahead of its own Android platform. Thus, the feature may eventually make its way to the Android app.


Google’s Efforts to Improve Inbox Safety

This new feature is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to make users’ inboxes safer and spam-free. In October of this year, Google added new requirements for bulk senders. In addition, it includes the addition of a one-click unsubscribe button. These efforts aim to enhance user experience and provide more control over the emails they receive.

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