Apple May Reveals New Product in 2024


In the eventful year of 2023, Apple enthusiasts witnessed a series of groundbreaking launches. The highly anticipated iPhone 15 series took center stage. Thus, this boasts a cutting-edge Dynamic Island design on the front. In addition, it harnesses the impressive power of the new M3 chipset, which also fuels the latest MacBooks. 

However, Apple’s innovation didn’t stop there. Exciting developments were on the horizon, with the imminent release of the long-awaited Vision Pro headset. In addition, the tantalizing possibility of Apple introducing its own language model to rival the likes of ChatGPT and Bard in the realm of artificial intelligence. Additionally, Apple continues its trajectory of pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the tech industry.

Apple Vision Pro


Apple’s much-anticipated release of the Vision Pro mixed reality headsets is likely to kickstart the year with a bang. In addition, it is potentially becoming available to the public in January or February of 2024. Apple’s recent email to software developers hinted at the imminent launch. 

Additionally, it urges them to prepare for the arrival of the mixed-reality headset. Apple encouraged developers to send their apps for testing and feedback. The excitement surrounding the Vision Pro headset continues to build. As a result, it is setting the stage for a groundbreaking leap into the world of mixed reality.

Apple GPT


Apple has not officially confirmed the existence of its generative AI offering to rival ChatGPT. However, Apple is actively working on its own AI model called Apple GPT. The focus of this endeavor is a new framework called Ajax. In addition, it has the potential to offer various capabilities. Additionally, it includes a ChatGPT-like application unofficially referred to as “Apple GPT.” Recent indications from an Apple research paper also suggest that Large Language Models (LLMs) may run on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads.

Apple Watch Series 10


Apple unveiled its latest smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra, at the Wanderlust event in June 2023. However, reports are suggesting that Apple may release a special edition Apple Watch in 2024 to commemorate its 10th anniversary. This edition could be called the Apple Watch X or Apple Watch Series 10. 

New iPad


Apple is likely to update its iPad Air, iPad Pro, and MacBook Air ranges in March 2024. The report suggests that Apple will launch iPadOS 17.4 alongside the new iPad series at the March event. However, the company may release the macOS 14.3 update in January or February.

As for the Apple Watch, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra at the Wonderlust event in June. However, reports are indicating that the company may release a special 10th-anniversary edition of its Apple Watch in 2024, possibly called the Apple Watch X or Apple Watch Series 10.

AirPods 4 


Apple appears to be preparing for the launch of its next-generation AirPods. The report suggests that Apple may unveil two versions of the new AirPods in the upcoming year. These new AirPods feature shorter stems, a redesigned case, built-in speakers, and a USB-C port for connectivity.

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