Microsoft Copilot Users Can Now Compose Songs!


Major technology companies like Google (Google DeepMind), Facebook (Meta), and now Microsoft are making it possible for users to create music using artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Microsoft has partnered with Suno, an AI-based music creation start-up. In addition, it will bring music creation capabilities to their Copilot platform. 

About the New Update on Microsoft Copilot


With this partnership, users can generate complete songs. Additionally, it will include lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices. Further, they can add simple text prompts, regardless of their musical background.

Microsoft Copilot and Suno take care of all the hard work by matching the song to cues in the text prompt provided by the user. Users don’t need to know how to sing, play an instrument, or read music. In addition, the process is simple and accessible to everyone.


To create AI music on Copilot, users need to follow these steps:

  • Open Microsoft Edge and visit
  • Sign in to Copilot with your Microsoft Account.
  • Enable the Suno plugin or click on the Suno logo that says, “Make music with Suno.”
  • Ask Copilot to create a song based on a prompt, such as “Create a pop song about adventures with your family.”

How will the new feature by Microsoft help users?

Users can share the AI-generated music on social media platforms.


The availability of this experience has begun rolling out to users today. In addition, it will continue to expand in the coming weeks. Microsoft believes that this partnership will bring new opportunities for creativity and fun, making music creation accessible to everyone.

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Closing Note

In a similar vein, Google DeepMind has also announced Lyria, their most advanced AI music generation model, developed in partnership with YouTube. With Lyria, users can create AI-generated songs specifically for YouTube Shorts, enhancing the creative possibilities for content creators on the platform.

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