Bluesky App Launches New Direct Messaging Feature


Bluesky, a direct competitor to X, has officially announced the launch of DMs (direct messages). In addition, the company plans to implement full end-to-end encrypted messaging in the future. This announcement comes after the social network hinted at the introduction of direct messaging capabilities two weeks ago. 

Until now, all conversations on the platform have been public. Thus, it makes the launch of DMs a significant development. In addition, it allows users to engage in private chats while remaining within the social network.

Accessing the Feature


In order to access the new feature, users can initiate private conversations within Bluesky’s “Chat” tab. In addition, it is available on both the mobile and desktop applications. However, at present, the feature only supports one-to-one messages. Additionally, it does not support group messages.

Competitive Edge and User Experience

Bluesky’s introduction of DMs aligns its user experience more closely with X (formerly Twitter) and positions the company ahead of Meta’s Threads, which does not currently offer native DMs. By default, only people you follow can send you DMs. However, users have the option to adjust their settings to allow DMs from no one, only people they follow, or all Bluesky users.


Success and Future Expansion of BlueSky

Bluesky has achieved notable success despite its initial launch without some core features available on X. Over the past year, the company has been expanding its service. In addition, it has the potential to grow its user base by adding more capabilities to its platform. 

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For example, the social network recently introduced the ability for users to personalize their main Discover feeds through options such as “Show more like this” and “Show less like this.” As a result, it allows them to tailor the content displayed on the platform. This feature is reminiscent of X’s “Not interested in this post” option.

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