Instagram Unveils New Early Access to Features Program


Instagram to introduce an “Early Access to Features” program. In addition, WhatsApp’s widely popular beta testing initiative inspired this feature. This program will enable selected users to try out new features before their official release. It is much like WhatsApp Beta testers who have had early access to new updates for years. Currently, enthusiastic Instagram users can only experiment with new features through the Android Beta program. However, this new initiative promises broader accessibility.

Integration and Functionality of Instagram Update

According to mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, a screenshot indicates that Instagram’s settings menu will integrate this early access feature. The company has not provided proper information. However, it is likely to operate similarly to WhatsApp’s beta program.


On WhatsApp, Meta releases beta versions of new features to a select group of users to gather feedback and address any issues before a wider release. This approach offers testers a preview of upcoming features. In addition, it allows them to request additional functionalities.

Excitement and Additional Developments

Instagram has not officially confirmed this program. However, the possibility is generating excitement among users who are eager to test new features. In addition to the early access program, Instagram is reportedly working on an innovative feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to create personalized chat themes.


Presently, Instagram provides customizable chat themes with various color gradients and pre-designed options. However, a leaked screenshot suggests a new “Create with AI” option. As a result, this indicates that Instagram is experimenting with AI-driven chat themes.

AI Integration and Industry Trends of Instagram


Meta, Instagram’s parent company, is heavily investing in AI technologies. Recently, Meta integrated an AI chatbot across its platforms, including Instagram. This AI chatbot assists users by addressing inquiries on a variety of topics, from trip planning and recipe recommendations to makeup and skincare tips. Powered by Meta AI and sourcing information from Google, the chatbot provides answers along with links to the original sources. Users can access the chatbot via Instagram DMs.

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Closing Note

Meta’s emphasis on AI is part of a broader trend in the tech industry. Other major companies like Google and Microsoft are also intensifying their AI efforts. Google has introduced Gemini (previously known as Bard), and Microsoft offers Copilot (formerly Bing). These advancements underscore the growing significance of AI in enhancing user experiences and delivering innovative solutions. With the upcoming early access program and AI-driven chat themes, Instagram continues to evolve, offering users new ways to engage with the platform and enjoy personalized experiences.

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