Pinterest Unveil New Shoppable Print Magazine


Social media platform Pinterest and Real Simple magazine have partnered to introduce a shoppable issue named “Best & Brightest.” This collaboration aims to blend the content of the magazine with the shopping capabilities of Pinterest.

Curated Products and QR Codes


The joint effort features over 120 curated products, with QR codes embedded in each magazine segment. These QR codes lead readers to corresponding Pinterest boards, where users can purchase the featured articles. initially launched the issue and Pinterest’s shoppable board on May 15, followed by its release in Real Simple’s June edition. In addition, it is available on newsstands from May 17.

Pinterest Empowering Seamless Shopping


Pinterest’s chief content officer, Malik Ducard, emphasized Pinterest’s role as a trusted resource for inspiration and purchasing decisions. By integrating QR codes throughout the magazine, readers can seamlessly transition to curated Pinterest boards. Additionally, they can explore and purchase featured products from various retailers.

Pinterest Enhancing the Shopping Experience


The collaboration aims to seamlessly integrate the magazine’s content with Pinterest’s platform. The newly created Pinterest boards align with the magazine’s sections. As a result, it will allow readers to effortlessly transition from browsing to purchasing. These boards feature visually captivating images akin to those in the magazine. Thus, it enhances the shopping experience by providing a cohesive and elevated journey.

Engagement and Future Shopping


Furthermore, readers can engage with the boards by following them or pinning items for future reference. As a result, it will ensure a seamless shopping experience that complements their reading. This integration aims to create a symbiotic relationship between content consumption and online shopping. Thus, it will cater to the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

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