WhatsApp to Introduce New Feature for Android Users


WhatsApp is reportedly to introduce a new feature that allows Android users to share files with nearby individuals. This move is in line with the development of a file-sharing feature similar to Apple’s AirDrop. The update, version, is being rolled out through the Google Play Beta Program.

Nearby File Sharing Feature of WhatsApp

The nearby file-sharing feature is not yet available for beta testers. However, a report from WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo offers a glimpse of what is likely to come. A screenshot reveals an option within the app stating, “Share files with people nearby,” accompanied by a list of nearby users.


Interestingly, users can make themselves visible without revealing their phone numbers to non-contacts. In addition, to initiate file sharing, users will need to wait for nearby users to accept their request. Reportedly, the process involves a unique interaction where nearby users can shake their devices to receive incoming share requests. Additionally, the updated design includes end-to-end encryption to maintain user privacy.

Camera Bug Fix Feature

The nearby file-sharing feature is likely in a future update. However, the current WhatsApp beta for Android, version, addresses a camera bug. Some beta testers on Android have experienced difficulties launching the camera within the app following the update.

Users encountered a message stating, “Can’t start camera, please restart your device.” In addition, it will persist even after the device restarts or the app relaunches.


The latest WhatsApp beta update,, resolves the camera bug. As a result, it will allow users to launch the camera within the app. This fix can ensure that users can resume sharing photos and videos with their contacts without any disruptions.

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Closing Note

In conclusion, WhatsApp is reportedly introducing a nearby file-sharing feature for Android users, similar to Apple‘s AirDrop. The update, version, is currently being rolled out through the Google Play Beta Program. Additionally, the latest beta update addresses a camera bug, allowing users to launch the camera within the app.

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