Apple May Unveil a New Passwords App With iOS 18


Apple may unveil its latest operating system for iPhones, iOS 18, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. It will take place from June 10 through 14, 2024. Alongside this, there are reports of a new Password app that Apple is planning to launch.

In addition, this aims to simplify the process of logging into websites and software for users. Apple’s iCloud Keychain service may power this app. In addition, it may be available on the next versions of iPadOS, macOS, iOS, and VisionOS.

Functionality of Apple Passwords App

The new Passwords app is likely to function similarly to popular password managers like 1Password and LastPass. It will allow users to generate and track their passwords. Additionally, there may be an option to import passwords from rival services.


The app could include a list of user logins categorized into different groups such as accounts, Wi-Fi networks, and passkeys. Additionally, users may have the ability to autofill saved passwords into websites and apps. In addition, the app might also serve as an authenticator, supporting verification similar to Google’s Authenticator app.

Focus on AI Features in iOS 18

The Passwords app is likely to be a significant focus at the WWDC conference. However, Apple will emphasize the new generative AI features coming to iOS 18. Among Apple’s most significant software upgrades is iOS 18, according to reports.

Some AI features that Apple may introduce with iOS 18 include notification summaries, instant photo editing, AI emoji, voice memo transcription, smart recaps, and a Siri upgrade. Furthermore, there are indications that Apple has signed a deal with OpenAI to power many of the AI features in iOS 18.

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Closing Note

In summary, Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2024 is likely to bring significant updates to its operating systems. In addition, it includes the unveiling of iOS 18 and the potential launch of a new Passwords app. These developments will enhance user experience and security across Apple’s ecosystem of devices and software.

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