Meta Introduces New Services for WhatsApp Business in Emerging Markets


Meta, the parent company of social media giant Facebook, is rolling out a range of services for WhatsApp Business. In addition, it is starting with emerging economies among its largest markets. Nikila Srinivasan, Meta’s vice president of business messaging, revealed that these services will eventually be made available in other countries in the near future.


Combatting Spam Messages

Srinivasan emphasized that Meta’s AI tools will enhance marketing optimization. In addition, it will help businesses move away from spamming potential customers. The company aims to enable businesses to reach people genuinely interested in engaging with their messages. However, it will maintain a top-notch user experience on WhatsApp.

Introducing Meta Verified

At Meta’s Conversations 2024 event in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company announced Meta Verified, a feature aimed at reducing fraud. In addition, it ensures users are interacting with authentic businesses. This initiative is currently live in India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Colombia.


Additionally, it provides businesses with protection from impersonation. Businesses with the Meta Verified badge will receive enhanced account support from Meta. Further, they can use WhatsApp across multiple devices for their employees.

AI Integration in Chats

Meta is integrating AI into WhatsApp Business chats to facilitate more efficient conversations between businesses and consumers. Companies can activate this AI to assist with tasks, and consumers will know they are conversing with AI.


Additionally, the WhatsApp Small Business App will receive an AI assistant to help businesses create ads for Instagram or Facebook. The AI tools will enable businesses to follow up with customers on their purchases. As a result, it will provide product or service recommendations, and offer discounts.

Diverse AI Assistants by Meta

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, expressed the company’s vision to deploy various AI assistants tailored to serve different purposes, including for businesses. This approach is likely to enhance businesses’ ability to scale.

The company is currently testing this concept with a select number of English-language businesses in India and Singapore. In addition, it has plans to expand to Brazilian companies in the near future.


Calling Feature for Large Businesses

In a bid to enhance customer support, Meta is testing a calling feature within WhatsApp Business chats for large businesses in India and Brazil. This feature will enable consumers to call a business to address complex requests or problems directly. Thus, it will provide additional support beyond what is available to small businesses on WhatsApp.

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