Bluesky Unveils Multiple New Features for User


Bluesky, a decentralized social network, is introducing new features to enhance its user experience and bring it closer to X (Twitter). These new additions include an in-app video and music player for links and a “hide post” feature. Let’s explore these features in more detail.

In-app video and Music Player Feature of Bluesky


Bluesky’s new video and music player is compatible with popular platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch embeds. Unlike X, where autoplay on videos is the default setting, Bluesky’s in-app player does not autoplay content. Users will have to manually trigger the playback by tapping on the content they want to watch or listen to.

“Hide Post” Feature


Bluesky has also introduced a “hide post” feature. In addition, it allows users to remove specific posts from their feeds. If there’s something users don’t want to see again, simply click on the “hide post” option. As a result, the app will remove the post from their feeds. Additionally, if users visit the post directly, it will be “put behind a mask.” This feature gives users more control over the content they interact with on Bluesky.

Bug Fixes and Platform Accessibility Updates of Bluesky


In addition to the new features, Bluesky has addressed some bugs and made the platform more accessible. They have fixed a bug that caused muted and blocked account listings to appear empty. Furthermore, they resolved an issue that occasionally caused an empty home screen and a crash bug while interacting with threads.

Recent Developments of Bluesky


Bluesky recently made a significant change by allowing users to view posts on the platform without logging in. An invitation is still required to create an account and start posting. However, users can now read posts through a link. This change enables publishers to link to or embed Bluesky posts in blogs, expanding the platform’s reach. Additionally, users can share Bluesky posts in individual or group chats. As a result, it will enhance the platform’s social sharing capabilities.

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Future Plans for Federation

Bluesky, which launched its iOS and Android apps in February, has reached 2 million users as of last month. While currently the only instance on the AT Protocol, Bluesky aims to achieve federation “early next year.” This means that Bluesky will eventually function as a more open social network. In addition, it is similar to Mastodon, where users can choose which servers to join and freely move their accounts between servers.

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