YouTube Rolls Out free games catalog ‘Playables’ to all users


YouTube has announced the broader rollout of its collection of lightweight, free games called “Playables.” This feature will soon be available in the YouTube app for all users and on the YouTube Home page. Previously, the games were only accessible to select users for testing and were later made available to YouTube Premium subscribers in November last year.

Impact on App Store Model and Monetization

YouTube’s Playables, which are lightweight and free games, do not directly challenge the app store model or violate Apple’s rules. This is due to the fact that they do not monetize through paid downloads or in-app purchases.


However, they do compete with the App Store’s free games, which often generate revenue through ads. As YouTube focuses on integrating AI, questions arise about the potential impact on its ad business. Free games on YouTube could become another platform for serving ads in the future. Despite this, Google has not indicated any intention to monetize its Playables at present.

YouTube Playables Lineup and User Experience


The lineup of Playables includes popular titles such as Angry Birds Showdown, Words of Wonders, Cut the Rope, Tomb of the Mask, and Trivia Crack, among others. Additionally, there are over 75 minigames in the Playables catalog. In addition, the players can save their game progress and track their all-time best scores. Not all users will immediately see the Playables feature. However, it is likely to complete its rollout in the coming weeks.

YouTube Gaming Expansion and Industry Trends

YouTube’s expansion into gaming through Playables reflects a broader trend among tech giants. In addition, Netflix is also growing its game catalog, and Epic Games seeking to bring its games store to European users.


These moves highlight how companies are using games to bypass app store commissions while enhancing their own revenue streams. However, YouTube’s Playables feature is currently unavailable to the general public, and its future remains uncertain.

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YouTube’s introduction of the Playables feature represents a strategic move to engage users with lightweight, free games directly within the YouTube app. As of now, it is unclear how this will impact the app store model and potential monetization. In any case, tech companies are expanding into gaming on a broader scale, with implications for the industry’s future.

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