Google Unveil New Plan to Promote Android Apps


Google recently announced a new plan to promote Android apps outside its Play Store at its Google I/O 2024 developer conference. This plan aims to re-engage users with apps they already have installed on their devices and new ones.

In addition, it will provide developers with a unique way to showcase their content. The company has already onboarded more than 35 developer partners to test the new offering, including Spotify, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok, and Shopify.


Engage SDK and On-Device Surface by Google

The new plan involves the introduction of the Engage SDK. In addition, it will help Google expand on its core mission of connecting the right audience to the right content at the right time. This SDK will enable developers to integrate with a currently invite-only on-device surface. Additionally, it will automatically organize the best and most prevalent content from apps already installed by users on their Android phones. 


This surface will allow developers to bring users back into their apps. It will work by showcasing interesting content, promotions, and deals. As a result, it will provide full-screen, immersive experiences. Additionally, it will highlight and arrange the most important content from their installed apps.

Deep Links and Developer Participation

Developers can offer deep links from this “Engage” surface. In addition, it will open specific pages inside their mobile apps. Thus, it will allow users to jump back into specific experiences related to those apps.


The developer preview of the Engage SDK began during I/O, and Google claims that it requires less than a week for most developers to complete the integration. The consumer experience of this new feature may launch later this year.

Exclusive to Android Devices of Google

It’s important to note that this new “surface” will be exclusive to Android devices. As a result, it will showcase how Google is leveraging its ability to integrate with its mobile OS to build new experiences that benefit developers and consumers alike. This move aligns with Google’s ongoing efforts to improve user engagement and app discoverability outside the Play Store ecosystem.


This new initiative represents a significant step by Google to enhance the app experience for Android users. Additionally, it will provide developers with innovative ways to showcase their content and re-engage with their audience.

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